Sunday last week as children were playing.

the Director of the Lajee Center questioned a soldier who was in the watchtower and who shot the teargas. The soldier did not show any care and kept saying “tell them play far from here… now they play, one minute later they will start throwing stones…”. So, the problem is not the military tour/base but in the existence of people around!  In response to questions through the PA, they were informed that the Israeli army records do not show that there was any action at time (no stone throwing). This is not the first time, but it appears to be the first time there is a clear video. Access to the garden has increased recently.Anyone who has visited Aida refugee camp will know how crowded it is and how close to the ‘wall’, behind which is a military base.

About 6 months ago, the Israeli army came at night, invaded the center and confiscated the cameras because they had published a video showing soldiers shooting teargas into the camp despite there being no clashes.

So, tell me, who are the terrorists here, and is it anti-Semitic to point it out?

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