Middle East Evangelical Concern exists to:

  • increase awareness  among Christians in UK of the difficulties faced by our sisters and brothers in Christ in Palestine and the Middle East.
  • ask questions about the history, politics and theology associated with support for a  Zionist state, (as distinct from support for Israel).
  • encourage Christians to pray for the Church in Palestine and the Middle East.
  • encourage Christians to pray for Jews and Muslims in the Middle East, and elsewhere.

Whilst there is wide disagreement among Christians on these matters, Biblical Christianity is our keyword. Frank and open engagement is welcomed as long as it is in brotherly kindness.

In order to understand what is going on in the Middle East and why it is important for Christians, we need history, theology and politics.  Unwelcome as ‘politics’ might be, evangelical Christians have always understod how rooted in politics is the gospel, the good news of God’s reconciliation in Jesus and redeeming of His good creation, his ‘polity’.

On this siteyou will discover documents and othermaterials  that should broaden understanding of the issues. There are News items, regularly updated, from non-mainstream sources; and a variety of information from Palestinian, Israeli and other NGO’s/Humanitarian organisations from the UN, (OCHA), through B’tSelem, an Israeli humanitarian organisation, to Musalaha – Jews and Christians working together for peace, (Information page). We don’t necessarily agree with everything the authors have to say. Regular updates/comments on my Blog

My blog — Recovering Evangelicalism – Seeking a Justice-based peace in the Middle East – and much else here, is written from the perspective of Biblical Christianity.  Questions or commentsare  welcome, especially if you found a mistake or a link that doesn’t  work.  I work with a number of other organisations with  similar aims. We don’t agree about everything but we are all deeply  committed to justice and peace. You can subscribe to a very occasional email by following this link; Subscribe now!.   MEEC is not a membership organisation, so, should you wish to make a donation please check out the organisations on the Information page. Thanks.

To get in touch please use contact page to send me a message.

The issues raised in this website are, sadly,  controversial. Much energy has been used by opponents arguing past each other to the detriment of the gospel. I am happy to discuss but if you are convinced in your own mind that I am wrong please don’t  use the contact email to abuse those who differ from you. Abusive emails will be deleted.

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