Strictly speaking it was 3B and 4A, but I’m using ‘old money’.  Far too many years ago I had a promotion. I was one of the top three in 3B who swapped places with the bottom three in 3A and in my fourth year of secondary school ‘moved up’ to 4A.  Having swum in the, relatively, clean water at the top of the ‘pond’ I found myself puddling around at the muddy bottom of my new class.

I wonder how out of depth the new members of the US senate and congress feel or whether they simply feel the power of having got to the next level. Over the years I have seen many people who have been promoted beyond their level of competence. Will the new batch of US leaders be any better than their predecessors?  The signs are not good. Reports are that the new senate leader has agreed to work with the President and ‘pass bills’. Another ‘wonder’ – might it be better if they didn’t.  Pass Bills, I mean.

We should not despair of getting good and competent people, (not the same things) into positions of power. Unless we want anarchy there is no alternative to government. But we cannot wait while our legislators catch up and neither can we wait to educate ourselves. 3B to 4A was a massive leap for me, and it was entirely out of my hands.

Getting the public, including maybe some of our friends, to move from popular, sensationalist, gossip journalism to genuine, well-informed, open discussion is one of the primary tasks of this generation. How can those of us just a wee bit older (me) help you guys…..?

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