‘We increasingly inhabit a time and place in Western history when humility is perceived to be a sign of weakness; when meekness is taken for a vice, not a virtue; when puff is more important than substance; when leadership, even in church, frequently has more to do with politics, pizzaz, and showmanship, or with structure and hierarchy, than with spiritual maturity and conformity to Jesus Christ; when the budget is thought to be a more important indicator of eccesiastical success than prayerfulness; and when loose talk of spiritual experience wins an instant following, even when that talk is mingled with a scarcely concealed haughtiness  that has learned neither humility nor tears.’

How I wish that I had written that;  it is the first paragraph from chapter 1 of Don Carson’s ‘From Triumph to Maturity’  published in 1984 (IVP); and it could not be more relevant today!

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