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A website for Christians and Friends who want to learn more about Israel-Palestine and engage better for Peace in the Land of the Holy One.  Here you will find news, answers to questions (some of them), articles and opinions, information on tours, plus links to other useful websites. There’s also stuff you can download to read. Please read the brief article about bias.  On the ‘Information’ page there are links to various Christian and other organisations.

Constructive comments are welcome. Please use the Contact Form or go to ‘Get Involved‘.  Next on this page you’ll find a couple of examples of recent posts from the blog page. Be Blessed.


Or re-imagine. Can we Christians, followers of the rabbi from Nazareth, re-imagine God's world as Jesus would want. Imperialist America has determined that everyone must impose sanctions on Iran despite the fact that no-one else except Israel agrees with Trump, Pence,...

God’s Chosen?

For more than ten years the people of Gaza have lived under siege, in an open-air prison. Today nearly 2 million people, 30% of them children live with limited access to clean water, sewage treatment out of the middle ages, power restrictions, food restrictions,...

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