Recovering Evangelicalism - for Justice and Peace for Palestine-Israel

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Protesting Balfour

Today 15,000 people gathered in London to protest at the suffering of the Palestinian people brought about by the Balfour declaration 100 years ago. I was proud to be present, alongside people of many faiths and none. Zionists tried to prevent us, but didn't succeed,...

Sad Centenary

This day, 2nd November, marks the one hundredth anniversary of the letter from Arthur Balfour, Britain’s Foreign Secretary in 1917, to Lord Rothschild as representing British Jewry. It is an indictment of Britain’s present government and many opposition members of...

Evangelicals lacking Courage

Fear of being called 'antisemitic', of being thought divisive, of losing influence or income? Are these some of the reasons few evangelical charismatic church leaders have had the courage to engage with Christian Zionism. (Odd, when we engage easily enough with the...

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