Middle East Evangelical Concern

 engaging Christians for Peace with Justice 
 in the Middle East 

I do a blog which you can follow HERE and  my Story HERE

If you have questions or comments, I will be happy to hear from you, especially if you found a mistake or a link that doesn’t  work. Please pray for us: MEEC is very small and plans to remain so. I  have a small informal support group that helps me pray and think.

I work with a number of other organisations with  similar aims. We don’t agree about everything but we’re all deeply  committed to justice and peace.

If you would like to subscribe to a very occasional email click HERE.   MEEC is not a membership organisation should you wish to make a donation please check out the organisations on the LINKs page. Thanks. 

To get in touch please use the email address contact@meec.org.uk

The issues raised in this website are, sadly,  controversial. Much energy has been used by opponents arguing past each other to the detriment of the gospel. I am happy to discuss but if you are convinced in your own mind that I am wrong please don’t  use the contact email to abuse those who differ from you. Abusive emails will be deleted.